Saying Goodbye to Maja

We lost a member of the Atomic family recently. Maja, my 11-year-old Siberian Husky, reached the end of her long, happy dog life. We got Maja as a puppy, and though we tried numerous crates and outdoor kennels, she was not a dog to be away from her pack. So from a very early age, Maja […]

Meeting the Growing Demand for Software Professionals

The shortage of software developers and computer engineers has become acute. As all fields of human endeavor become more and more dependent on technology, and on software in particular, the supply of computer scientists and engineers has started to limit innovation and productivity improvements. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the current […]

Research the Extremes of a User Community

Atomic is currently collaborating with IDEO on a consumer-facing web app. The integration of IDEO’s user-centered design practices with Atomic’s software design and build practices is a powerful combination for our client. Working with an old friend and getting to know some more of the smart, talented people at IDEO have been great. We’re learning […]

Small Teams Are Dramatically More Efficient than Large Teams

I sat on a panel for a conference last year with fellow owners of “boutique” software development firms. I use the word cautiously, as I’m not completely sure what people mean by boutique in this context, but there are usually implications of small size, specialization, and expertise. One of the more engaged audience members worked […]