3 Practices I Use to Create a Comfortable Environment for Junior Developers

As I have become more tenured in my career, I’ve developed strong feelings around best practices for mentoring junior developers. Those practices create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment at Atomic. It’s been a satisfying experience because I get to see people have similar struggles to the ones I had when I was a junior […]

Lessons Learned from My First Working Vacation

I’m a strong advocate for leaving your work at home during vacations. However, with the rise of remote work, the possibility of a working vacation became an appealing option for seeing the world while still preserving PTO. With that in mind, my partner and I recently decided to take our first-ever working vacation. If you […]

How To Keep Track of the Current Route in React Navigation V5 Outside of a Screen

React Navigation is a great library for including routing and navigation in your React Native application. As of React Navigation 5.x, there are useful hooks that allow you to access the navigation state of your library. These hooks are great for when you don’t want to pass navigation information deep into your component tree. The […]

Strategies for Managing Multiple Projects

Most of my time at Atomic Object has been focused on individual projects. However, I am occasionally asked to handle the responsibilities of multiple projects in parallel. Dealing with one project is difficult enough, so managing multiple projects can feel extremely challenging. Since there is only so much context you can hold in your head […]