How I’m Improving Predictability with Pivotal Tracker’s ‘Team Strength’

I was reluctant to embrace Pivotal Tracker when I joined Atomic because I valued Jira so highly. But over the last year, I’ve come to rely on a handy feature that I didn’t have with Jira — Team Strength. Why? It allows me to adjust overall velocity by configuring variations in my team’s schedule from […]

Need to Assess Project Value without Hard Metrics? Measure Customer Behaviors

I’m busy closing two long-running projects because we met the terms in the contractual agreement. Both have been active projects for over two years. Both are the types of projects that are “rewrites of existing software.” I’ve been trying to assess the value of these projects to their respective organizations throughout their lifecycles. The project […]

A Structure for Collecting Useful Customer Feedback

Every product team strives to create a strong connection with the customers they serve. Keeping a finger on the pulse of what customers find valuable increases your chances of building products that they will buy and use loyally. As a software product owner, I’ve been directly involved with various initiatives to gather customer feedback. One […]