Simple Skew-Normal PRNG in JavaScript

The basic JavaScript Math.Random returns values with an approximately uniform distribution. While this is often sufficient, many situations require normal distributions. Some situations may be even better served by an approximately normal, but asymmetric, distribution. These are known as skew-normal distributions.

A Pattern for Redux Thunk Async Actions

Redux is a powerful tool for structuring front-end logic, and Redux Thunk extends its capabilities to support asynchronous actions in a simple way. However, without a clear, consistent, and reusable pattern to follow, it’s easy for a team to write Thunk actions in different ways and add mental strain to understanding the codebase.

Creating a Custom Gboard Sticker Pack – A Guide for Android Newbies

Recently, Google started allowing developers to create custom sticker packs for Gboard on Android. In case you’ve never heard of Gboard, it’s Google’s latest virtual keyboard. Available on both iOS and Android, Gboard is an all-in-one keyboard that includes glide and voice typing, a predictive word engine, and stickers. It is also the built-in keyboard […]

Adding Integration Tests to Gradle

It’s well understood that unit tests alone may not be sufficient to release new code with confidence. Integration/functional tests are used to automate testing for workflow regressions. As part of setting up a new Java REST API server, I wanted to embed integration testing into our regular workflow via Gradle.