Battle Othello

Article summary

The members of Cell Zero faced off against each other with their own version of the Atomic Games this past week. Congratulations to Andy Peterson for defending Calvin College’s title!

Our cell members each spent time over the last month working on Othello AIs using the languages and tools that their teams are working in. Rachael’s AI was written in Clojure, Alex’s in Java, Dan’s in Ruby, and Andy’s in Javascript.

Battle One

Job helped us out by drawing names for the first contest, and Rachael and Alex were selected for the first match. Alex unfortunately had some wifi issues that caused his laptop to fail to respond and after the third attempt, Rachael was declared the winner and moved on to the next round!

Battle Two

Andy and Dan faced off next. Evidently Andy’s AI was perfectly tuned to defeat Dan’s – the game was over in a handful of moves. Andy moved ahead.

The Final

Rachael and Andy squared off for the grand prize of a bottle of wine and some fancy chocolate deserts. This battle was more evenly matched but when the dust cleared, Andy was our big winner. Congratulations Andy!

The Boss

Andy then went on to face Patrick’s AI. Patrick remains undefeated.

The Rematch

Having sorted out his wifi issues, Alex went up against Andy’s winning AI again and pulled out a win! Congratulations Alex!

In Other News:

  • The Cell has been reading through The Pragmatic Programmer over the last couple weeks.
  • The Cell will be attending BarCamp this weekend. We’re excited to meet some new folks and learn what other developers in GR are excited about.
  • We’ll start reading Bob Martin’s Clean Code next week.