Using Game Titles to Estimate Testing Scope

At Atomic, we have multiple projects happening at once, with team sizes ranging from a solo maker to teams of six and up. The teams are also working on different technologies (web, mobile, IOT devices) with different project risks—it might be a quick and dirty MVP, an app for a high-profile event used by tens of thousands, or a complete rewrite of a legacy system.

When projects differ so much in size and scope, how can I estimate the way I help out with my testing expertise and experience? I sat down with one of the managing partners at Atomic to analyze past projects. Our goal was to detect any patterns and figure out how we could use the data to help teams estimate how much time to schedule for me.
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‘Alarming’ Problems You Should be Preventing in Your App

I have an alarm clock app that I’ve been running on my iPad2 for a couple of years now. Apart from groaning when it goes off in the morning, I’ve been happy with it. It always goes off, no crashes, and it has carried on working through several iOS upgrades.

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