Free Office Space at Atomic Object Detroit

Atomic Object Detroit Interior

Atomic is offering six months of free space in our Detroit office to an early-stage company. Eligible companies are invited to apply before January 10, 2013. We will announce the winning company on January 18, 2013.

Detroit’s growing density and investment in technology and innovation made the city an ideal choice for Atomic’s second office. We are now offering free office space as an extension of our commitment to the economic success of Detroit.

Come to the December 5 D-NewTech meetup to learn more from Atomic president Carl Erickson and Detroit’s managing partner Bruce Watson.

Free Office Space

Atomic Object Detroit ExteriorOur office is located in downtown Detroit at 1407 Randolph Street in the Harmonie Park neighborhood.

As the winning company, you will share our space with Atomic teams. You’ll have access to free snacks, wifi, and office furniture. We expect that our open-office, team-centric environment will make colocation an energetic and mutually-beneficial experience.


Atomic is interested in helping early-stage companies that are based in Detroit or willing to relocate there for the duration of their six-month stay with us. We’re looking for companies that have the following characteristics:

  • You are creating a technology product that involves software development.
  • You have a concrete product concept and plan for taking your product to market.
  • Your team is able to build and sell your product. You aren’t currently seeking a technical cofounder or development team.
  • Your team is committed to the company full-time. You’ll be at the office throughout the day.
  • Your company has the financial resources to successfully operate during your six-month stay with us.
  • You have already bootstrapped the company to some degree. You probably have a working prototype and test customers.


In addition to free space, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  1. Sharing an environment filled with people passionate about business, design, and software development.
  2. Our ability to connect you with others in the business and technology community.
  3. Being featured on our blog and twitter stream. We’ll report on your successes and milestones.

How to Apply

We value brevity and clarity over bulk. Email freeofficespace @ with:

  1. A few paragraphs describing why you’re worthy.
  2. An overview of the product/team.
  3. The information requested below.

Company Overview

  • Elevator Pitch – Quick description of the market need and the unique value your product provides.
  • Business model canvas or ecosystem diagram.

Market Risks

  • Describe market risks and how you’ll seek to prove your hypotheses about customer behavior and your business model.
  • How are you testing customers or other partners who care about your product?
  • What are your assumptions about customer conversion and engagement?
  • How are you testing business model assumptions?

Existing Marketing Tracking

  • What lessons have already been learned? What has failed and what has worked?
  • What are the current metrics for conversion and engagement?
  • What is your growth strategy?

Team Capabilities

  • Give overview of team members. What are their backgrounds and talents?
  • Who has their head in the game 24/7 (someone who doesn’t have a day job)?
  • Who is serving as a product manager and subordinating product development to a customer development approach?
  • Who are other key players?

Technical Aspects of Your Product

  • What has been built already?
  • What technologies is your product using and why?
  • What is the release plan?

Financial State of the Company

  • How is the company adequately funded for the next six months?
  • What are the next steps for revenue or funding goals?

Non-Disclosure Agreements

In case you’re wondering, we will not sign an NDA to entertain your pitch. We treat all initial contacts with confidentiality, and we stay focused on creating great software as works-made-for-hire for our customers.

Question? Ready to apply? Email freeofficespace @ Applications are due January 10, 2013.

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