My Presentation at Strange Loop

Strange Loop Audience

I recently gave a talk at Strange Loop called Data Structures: The Code that Isn’t There.

I think it went pretty well, though I started out nervous due to a last-minute battle with OSX’s display settings and a much larger audience than anticipated! They had many excellent questions, both during the talk and through the rest of the conference. There was a lot of interest in my “jumprope” data structure, as well — I’m working on a write-up that includes a more formal analysis and all the details necessary to implement it.

The talk was recorded, but the Strange Loop videos will be released gradually throughout the year, so I don’t know when it will be available. In the meantime, a couple of people took good notes [1], [2], and I’ve posted the slides on my presentation page on AO’s website.

Thanks to AO for sending 16 of us to Strange Loop. It was a great experience.