Atomic Welcomes 5 New Developers in Ann Arbor & Grand Rapids

In the past few months, five new Atoms have joined our molecule—two in Ann Arbor and three in Grand Rapids. I asked each of them to tell me a little about themselves and to share their favorite thing about Atomic Object so far.

Jeff Burt

Burt_Jeff-2015GravatarJeff is a new developer in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office, where he’s been working on a project for Steelcase.

Before joining Atomic, Jeff worked as a developer at Stratos Card, Beam Brush, and Detroit Labs, along with several side projects. He has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Michigan.

<p>&#8220;My favorite thing about Atomic is the constant learning. So far, I&#8217;ve learned four new programming languages and have gotten a great handle on functional programming.&#8221; </p>

Joe Chrysler

Chrysler_Joe-2015GravatarJoe is a new developer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office. He’s currently working on a project for Flow-Rite Battery Steward.

Joe was previously a developer at Covenant Eyes, and he holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Saginaw Valley State University. Read Joe’s bio.

<p>&#8220;I&#8217;ve been amazed by the incredibly friendly atmosphere. Before joining Atomic, I was a bit nervous that a hive of awesome makers would be full of abrasive personalities. Every maker here is a genuinely awesome person, more than willing to help out however they can.&#8221;</p>

Devney Hamilton

Hamilton_Devney-2015GravatarDevney is a new developer in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office. So far, she’s been working on a project for Deluxe Corp.

Devney recently finished her Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Stanford University, where she concentrated on Artificial Intelligence. Her development experience includes work with TIGRA and BloomBoard, Inc. Read Devney’s bio.

<p>&#8220;I love that at Atomic, we take the time to make our code good and maintainable and to learn new technology that will make our projects better in the long run. I&#8217;m surprised how much I&#8217;ve grown my skills: new technologies, test-driven development, making judgement calls on refactoring, top-down design, consulting, etc.&#8221;</p>

Jaime Lightfoot

Lightfoot_Jaime-2015GravatarJaime is a new developer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where she’s been working on a project for Eaton.

Jaime’s last position was as a software engineer at Disher Design in Holland. She has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Grand Valley State University.

<p>&#8221; Before joining Atomic Object, I had never pair-programmed before and thought that I might not like it. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy it—I’ve learned a ton, and it’s been great for integrating into my new team.&#8221;</p>

Brian Vanderwal

Vanderwal_Brian-2015GravatarBrian is a new developer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office. He’s currently assigned to the Quell project for Neurometrix.

Before joining Atomic, he worked as a software developer for the Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Calvin College. Brian has a B.S. in Computer Science from Calvin College. Read Brian’s bio.

<p>&#8220;I have really enjoyed the pace of working at Atomic. Doing a great job is highly valued, but so is working at a sustainable pace. Projects are well-managed, which helps keep expectations realistic for everyone involved.&#8221;</p>

More Developers Wanted!

Atomic is still hiring developers in our Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids offices. Visit our careers page to learn more.