Atomic Welcomes New Delivery Lead & Developer

This winter, Atomic has gained a delivery lead in Grand Rapids and a developer in Ann Arbor. Now that they’ve settled in, I asked each of them to tell me about themselves and what it’s been like working at Atomic.

Dylan Goings

Dylan is a developer in our Ann Arbor office, where he’s been working on a complex supply chain management solution for Eaton.

Before joining Atomic, Dylan’s career included IT, front-end development, marketing & design, freelancing, startup development, corporate acquisition, and time in the Peace Corps. Read Dylan’s bio to learn more.

<p>My favorite thing has just been getting to know all my new coworkers. I&#8217;ve been continually impressed by the level of thoughtfulness everyone shows to each other. Atoms are great listeners!</p>

Tammy Pearson

Tammy is a delivery lead in our Grand Rapids office, where she works with teams to manage their backlogs and budgets and enhances client communication. She’s also helping to coordinate an eight-week delivery lead training workshop for other Atoms.

Before joining Atomic, Tammy worked in program management, project management, and competitive research and analysis. Read Tammy’s bio to learn more.

<p>I love the “Teach and Learn” lifestyle. I see it in action daily at peer-to-peer reviews, client discovery workshops, and professional development activities, to list just a few examples. What surprises me is not that it exists, but that knowledge transfer is so ingrained in the culture.</p>

Join the Team

We are currently hiring in our Ann Arbor office. Check out our open positions.