Atomic Welcomes an IT Operations Engineer and a Delivery Lead

This spring, Atomic gained a Delivery Lead in Ann Arbor and an IT Operations Engineer in Grand Rapids. Now that they’ve settled in, I asked each of them to tell me about themselves and what it’s been like working at Atomic.

Stephen Guyton

Stephen is Atomic’s new IT Operations Engineer. He keeps our internal infrastructure up and running across both offices. And he makes sure Atoms have the equipment, software, and services they need to do their work.

IT is Stephen’s second career. He has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Michigan State University and previously worked in sales. Read his bio to learn more.

<p>&#8220;My favorite thing about Atomic so far, without question, is everyone&#8217;s commitment to learning. I have been given ample opportunities to increase my knowledge in technologies I never imagined touching. That has been special to me because it shows Atomic really believes I can learn and grow in this role.</p> <p>&#8220;I also love Atomic&#8217;s commitment to the neighborhood. Mary O&#8217;Neill has been great in recognizing opportunities in the neighborhood for Atoms to get involved. I&#8217;m from this neighborhood, and it&#8217;s great to see a company commit to integrating with the neighborhood they reside in, instead of ignoring what&#8217;s going on around them.&#8221;</p>

Marjorie Knepp

Marjie is the newest Delivery Lead in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office, where she’s been working on projects for IDS, MedHub, and NSF.

Her experience includes work at General Motors, Borders, and Pitney Bowes. In 2016, Marjie co-founded a start-up that paired augmented reality with books. She holds an M.S.I. in Information, Economics, Management, and Policy from the University of Michigan. Read her bio to learn more.

<p>&#8220;My favorite thing about Atomic is definitely the people—the positive, infectious attitude of &#8220;can-do,&#8221; and the distance Atomic folks are willing to go to find a great solution.&#8221;</p>

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