4 Atoms Join Grand Rapids & Ann Arbor Teams

In the past few months, four new Atoms have joined our molecule—one in Ann Arbor and three in Grand Rapids. I asked each of them to tell me a little about themselves and to share their favorite thing about Atomic Object so far.

Jonah Bailey

Jonah BaileyJonah is the newest designer in Atomic’s Ann Arbor office. So far, he’s been working on a project for Drug Free Sport.

Jonah has over a decade of interaction design experience, working for marketing agencies, mutual fund companies, international charitable organizations, custom software consultancies, and owning his own design firm.

<p>&#8220;Before coming to Atomic, I knew that I’d be working with some of the industry’s most intelligent human beings. What I didn’t expect was that those same people would be so kind, transparent, thoughtful, and generous.&#8221;</p>

Read Jonah’s full bio.

Kayle Hinkle

Kayle HinkleKayle is a new developer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where he’s worked on projects for Microline and Drug Free Sport.

Prior to joining Atomic, Kayle was a developer at Microsoft on the Visual Studio Managed Languages Team. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

<p>&#8220;I&#8217;m enjoying the office environment: open floor plan, sit/stand desks, daily snacks, etc. It creates a much more collaborative environment. I enjoy hearing snippets of other work on other projects and being able to step in or listen if it&#8217;s related to something I&#8217;m currently looking at or have done in the past.&#8221; </p>

Adam Medema

Medema_Adam-2015GravatarAdam is Atomic’s new accountant. He will be working from the Grand Rapids office and assisting Mary O’Neill, our Business Manager.

Adam has a B.A in Business Administration from Calvin College and 8 years experience in finance and operations.

<p>&#8220;Since starting at Atomic the recurring theme that continues to make an impression on me is that the level of personal ownership here goes well beyond cultural buzz words to a contagious level of authenticity. I&#8217;m excited to be part of an environment in which you can&#8217;t help but to want to be your best.&#8221;</p>

Read Adam’s full bio.

Matt Rozema

Rozema_Matt-2015GravatarMatt is a new developer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where he’s been working on the Flow-Rite Battery Steward project.

Matt’s previous position was as a Software Engineer in the Automotive Electronics department at Johnson Controls. He has a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Calvin College.

<p>&#8220;My first few weeks at Atomic have been eye opening. It is fascinating to be part of a team of such talented individuals that work together seamlessly and have a great time doing so. I&#8217;ve really enjoyed it.&#8221;</p>

More Developers Wanted

Atomic is still hiring developers in our Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids offices. Visit our careers page to learn more.