Working at a Socially Responsible Company

There are a ton of reasons that I am grateful to be an Atom. We are a company with employee ownership. We are a company that writes excellent software and understands how to design that software. We are a company with a flat organizational structure. They’re all great characteristics, but one of my favorite (though admittedly, under the radar) aspects of working at Atomic is how socially responsible we are as an organization.

Community Outreach

Atomic is very active within our local community. Several Atoms lead different design and development user groups. We also sponsor The SoftwareGR Alliance. These groups help facilitate strong design and technical growth within our community. Some of them are also working to transform and diversify our industry.


We are also involved in our non-technical community. For example, this summer, some Atoms spent an afternoon helping to build a house for Habitat For Humanity. During the fall, we helped Kids’ Food Basket make and bag sandwiches for children who would otherwise go hungry. I know, we do look pretty awesome in those hair nets, don’t we?

While some of those activities have wide-reaching benefits, we like to interact with our community in smaller ways, too. For example, Atomic employees can take part in pair lunches, where we’re reimbursed by Atomic when we go out with our coworkers. Pair lunches are a great way to strengthen relationships within the company. However, they also encourage employees to go out to lunch, which helps support our local restaurants.

Living Our Values

At Atomic, we follow five values. These values influence project decisions, prompt tough but necessary conversations, and promote a workplace of transparency and honesty. But they are also evident in who we are as an organization.

We show that we “give a shit” about the environment by being responsible with our waste and encouraging employees to find alternate ways to commute to the office. We practice “teach and learn” by working with local businesses, and even competitors, to discuss experiments we’ve tried and failed or found success. Sharing this knowledge helps advance our local tech society as a whole.

For customers, Atomic stands out because of our commitment to excellence in every area of a project. For me, it stands out because of our commitment to do the right thing for our employees and our community.