Computer Science for Middle Schoolers – BOGO Sort, Insertion Sort, and Bubble Sort

Once every couple of months, I get an opportunity to teach middle schoolers/high schoolers about computer science. Computer science and software development are very broad disciplines, so I could cover anything from web styling to computer networks. Among all of those possible topics, I find that I like to work on sorting algorithms.

Creativity Within Constraints: Having Fun with PICO-8

I’ve been learning about and playing with PICO-8, a “fantasy console” (as their website phrases it). It’s a virtual machine with specs designed to be extremely limited compared to modern computers. With a 128×128 display, 16 colors, and a program size confined to 32K, you’re dealing with what would now be considered pretty dated specs. […]

7 Reasons Game Development Is the Perfect Side Hobby for Software Developers

If you ask any software developer, there’s a decent chance that they have tried their hand at game development. It seems like a natural fit since it uses many of the same skills. What’s more, programmers come into it with the knowledge that most aspiring game makers lack: how to write good code and create effective […]