Replacing Heroku Review Apps on Non-GitHub Projects

If your software team develops multiple new features simultaneously, you need to be able to deploy and test them in isolation. The gold standard for this is to use Heroku’s review apps, which are temporary environments automatically spun up for each pull request. Unfortunately, the feature only works with GitHub; if you’re using another source […]

Chrome Caching in CircleCI

I’ll just come right out and say it: CircleCI is an excellent continuous integration platform, and you should probably consider using it (or at least be aware of it). CircleCI is extremely flexible, yet it works very well out of the box. You can configure it as much or as little as needed, and you […]

Avoid Lint Errors in CI with Git Hooks

Static analysis tools, such as linters, are very useful for complex software projects, especially when working in JavaScript, Ruby, or any other dynamic language. The linter will parse your code and search for anything suspicious, while enforcing a certain (configurable) set of stylistic rules.

Designing a Scalable Deployment Pipeline

Anyone who’s led a product engineering team knows that a growing team requires investments in process, communication approaches, and documentation. These investments help new people get up to speed, become productive quickly, stay informed about what the rest of the team is doing, and codify tribal knowledge so it doesn’t leave with people. One thing […]

Using CircleCI to Test and Deploy an iOS App

When starting a new greenfield project at Atomic, we always ask ourselves about tooling surrounding testing and deployment. We have had a lot of luck with CircleCI for both mobile and web applications, so when I found out CircleCI had a solution for iOS, I was excited to take advantage of it. In this post, […]