Celebrating 100 Atoms: Our Journey of Deliberate Growth

It’s often said that it’s not about the destination but the journey. Today, as I sit back and reflect on our journey at Atomic, a particular milestone number stands out: 100. Deliberate growth has led us to one hundred unique, driven, and passionate Atoms that make up our organization.

Not Just a Number

While reaching 100 Atoms is a significant milestone, it’s essential to note that growth has never been our guiding star. Instead, over our 22-year history, we’ve consistently focused on being the best possible company for our clients, our people, and the community.

When I zoom out, our growth has been a slow and deliberate journey over our 22-year history. Below is an image from our HRMS that shows how our company employee count has changed over the years.

Atomic's employee count changes from 2001-2023.
Employee count changes from 2001-2023

My main two observations when I look at the above graph are gradual and consistent. Not surprisingly, we’ve primarily grown organically over the years. We’ve found this approach is the best way for us to effectively onboard new team members into our team. Being deliberate about hiring and onboarding helps to strengthen and preserve our culture.

Client Value from Our Size and Longevity

In the realm of software design and development consultancies, a vast chasm exists. On one side, there’s a multitude of firms, with most boasting fewer than 25 employees and many not exceeding 50. On the opposite end, you have the monolithic giants like Accenture, Deloitte, and Wipro.

Strikingly, very few firms sit in the 75-250 employee bracket. Our size positions us uniquely: we’re substantial and stable enough to tackle our clients’ most significant design and technical challenges, yet small enough that each client relationship profoundly impacts our business’s overall success. This equilibrium is precisely what sets us apart and resonates deeply with many of our clients.

Our longevity, portfolio of great work outcomes, employee ownership model, and history of turning down acquisition offers all give our clients confidence that we are built to last and serve them for the long run.

Team Value from Our Size and Longevity

Our size and longevity have also been hugely beneficial for our teams. They contribute to an enriched employment experience, characterized by robust internal peer networks, expansive learning and growth opportunities, and financial stability.

Robust internal peer networks are evident both within our four offices and company-wide. At the project level, our size has enabled us to shuffle team members when new projects are started or existing projects transition phases. This creates opportunities for our team members to work with more individuals.

At the office and company level, we’ve been able to create guilds like design, technical leads, and delivery that promote internal project team sharing and opportunities to learn from each other. Furthermore, our internal conference, Atomic Con, serves as a hub for focused learning and relationship-building.

Atoms collaborating at Atomic Con.
Atoms collaborating at Atomic Con

Our growth has created the need for new jobs and roles in the organization. It has created opportunities for team members to step into the Managing Partner, Practice Lead, and Principal Consultant jobs. It’s also allowed them to take on new roles like Career Development Manager or Diversity Action Council Member. And, it’s provided no shortage of leadership opportunities within projects.

Size and longevity have also contributed to financial stability. This stability has enabled us to never need to lay off team members due to lack of work, continually increase our benefits offering, and help us remain competitive on pay.

Finally, our size and longevity have helped make Atomic a more interesting place to work. There are opportunities to visit colleagues in another office, relocate to another office geography, take on more responsibilities, and learn from others.

Community Value from Our Size and Longevity

Our scale and presence across multiple geographies have enabled us to make a significant positive impact on the communities that we live in.

We’re big believers in ‘thinking globally and acting locally’. This philosophy means that while we consider the health of our entire planet, we choose to invest the majority of our efforts in the cities where we operate. Having a physical footprint in multiple geographies helps create this shared focus.

We’ve provided meeting spaces and funding for a range of design, development, delivery, and testing groups. Additionally, we’ve supported K-12 STEAM initiatives in our communities and have financially backed the creation of innovative programs that benefit those same communities.

Finally, our longevity has fostered a strong alumni network, a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent. These individuals, honed and shaped by their experiences at Atomic, have not only taken their skills to other organizations but have also embarked on ventures of their own. It’s heartening to see how the foundation they received at Atomic now serves to enrich the broader community.

I’ve come to realize that all of these advantages accrue over time and are amplified when shared with more people.

Forward, with Gratitude

Reaching the milestone of 100 Atoms fills me with immense pride. However, this isn’t the culmination; it’s a checkpoint on our ongoing journey. We remain committed to our core ethos of focusing on greatness. As we grow, we promise to do so smartly, deliberately, and with the well-being of every Atom at heart.

Thank you to each one of our 100 Atoms for making this journey special. Here’s to many more milestones together.


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