Atomic Welcomes a Delivery Lead, Marketing Specialist & Developer

Last Fall, Atomic gained a Delivery Lead and Developer in Grand Rapids and a Marketing Specialist in Ann Arbor. Now that they’ve settled in, I asked them about themselves and what it’s like working at Atomic.

Kaitlin Diemer

Kaitlin is the newest Delivery Lead in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where she’s been working on a project for a startup client.

After getting her Internet Professional Associate of Arts from Washtenaw Community College, Kaitlin worked as a project manager and helped deliver digital solutions for companies like U of M, Herman Miller, and Hope College. Read her bio to learn more.

<p> &#8220;I appreciate Atomic&#8217;s commitment to continuous growth and learning, whether that be an informal lunch-and-learn at the office or supporting Atoms by attending conferences. Everyone here is eager to develop existing strengths, take on new challenges, and share new-found knowledge with other Atoms, which helps all of us become better consultants.&#8221; </p>

Lina Miller

Lina is Atomic’s new Marketing Specialist, operating out of the Ann Arbor office alongside Elaine Ezekiel. Her work encompasses digital marketing, brand development, and all things communication.

Graduating with a degree in Marketing and Management from Hope College, Lina’s professional experience includes work for Ferris Coffee & Nut Co., Rocket Science, and Hudsonville Ice Cream. Read her bio to learn more.

<p> &#8220;What isn&#8217;t my favorite thing about Atomic? Everyone at Atomic works hard, is incredibly smart, and really cares about the work they do. Being alongside fellow Atoms challenges me to be the best version of myself every day.&#8221; </p>

Nick Hazekamp

Nick is a developer at Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where he’s been working on a customer tool for Gordon Food Service.

Before joining Atomic, Nick graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science/Chemistry from Hope College and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame. Read Nick’s bio to learn more.

<p> &#8220;I&#8217;ve loved how open and welcoming everyone is. They&#8217;ll sit down with you and share experiences. Having a brain trust that you can readily tap into is great. Also… the coffee.&#8221; </p>

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