Retrain the Way You Think About Visual Design

Visual Design: Visual treatment of text, graphic page elements and navigational components. Visual Design Reinforces Decision-Making Often, I hear the term “visual design” referred to as a layer that can be dealt with later on in the design process. To de-couple visual design like this is a mistake I see made often, especially when designers […]

4 Reasons Designers Should Be Coding

I chose to use this stock photo in an effort to visually represent this concept at a high-level. It does not represent actual project code or structure I would go about in my own work. Designing a whole product experience requires fully understanding your constraints and being able to validate the final outcome of your […]

Decomposing a Large-scale Design Project

My current project is very large, and we’ve been working on a process for decomposing features so that everything we design delivers value. This method also integrates tightly into Atomic’s agile software development practices, allowing both designers and developers to work on the same set of features simultaneously within continuous delivery cycles. Project Background During […]

Using the MDA Framework as an Approach to Game Design

Recently I found myself faced with a new design challenge: to create a digital game interface that uses differentiating hardware and software components to facilitate a fun and social game play experience. I looked for a framework to help me deconstruct the various aspects of the game into collaborative conversations I can have with client-side […]

Using Image Trace to Produce Logo Concepts

When I am exploring a new logo design, I typically start by sketching (to think through some high-level creative directions), then quickly jump into producing digital concepts. The problem is, I’ve often felt limited in my ability to truly explore by playing freely with any font or graphic I please. I’m usually restricted to my […]