Announcing the 2017 Atomic Games!

It’s time for our third annual Atomic Games! This programming challenge provides a great learning opportunity for college students and a chance to interview with Atomic in a fun, low-pressure environment. We were delighted by student interest and enthusiastic participation in last year’s Games, and we have some key enhancements for 2017. Proven Path to […]

Curriculum & Goals for the Atomic Accelerator’s Second Year

May signaled the start of our initial Accelerator cohort’s second year, and with it, a new focus for our curriculum. Our first year was packed with technical content, but recently, we’ve been reading books like Influencer, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Coaching for Performance, Crucial Accountability, and The Five Dysfunctions of […]

Cell Zero goes to Ember Conf 2017

One of our Accelerator program’s goals is to make sure that our consultants are well-connected: in our company, in our community, but also in the industry as a whole. We go to great lengths to create opportunities for Accelerator members to get to know their fellow Atoms. Our cohorts visit local user groups and conferences. We also […]

Functions and the Single Responsibility Principle

You’re most likely familiar with the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)-it’s the S in the SOLID acronym and a cornerstone of many folks’ object-oriented software design guidelines. If you’re like me though, you’ve pretty much always heard SRP discussed in relation to modules or classes. I had started thinking in an SRP way when writing Clojure functions, but […]

Atomic Games 2016 – Connect Four Challenge!

Atomic Object hosted the first Atomic Games in 2015. Our coaches and participants had so much fun with the event that we decided to organize another Games this past October 22. We were humbled by the interest and enthusiasm we saw from students this year, and once again, we really enjoyed running the event.