Where to Begin? – Two Tools for Starting a Project with Intention

Starting off on the right foot, with organization and intention, can be the first differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful project. More often than not, the beginning of a project can feel like standing at the edge of a precipice. It’s an unknown. You’re given a statement of work (SOW) detailing the goals for the project, the budget, and some background. Then […]

Making Sense of User Interviews in 5 Steps

Atomic is a software design and development consultancy, not a research firm. There are all kinds of research consultancies that specialize in market research, which isn’t our niche. Still, we try to find a middle ground on our projects and utilize research techniques such as observation and interviewing as a part of our human-centered design […]

3 Design Techniques for Non-Designers

Design and design thinking can’t solve all of the world’s problems. But design is noticed by others, whether your company/product has considered it or not. And design can make your product more usable and accessible. From your website to your physical space to the way you respond to emails to your actual product or service, […]

5 Articles that Changed my Perspective on Design

The amount of content available on the internet is mind blowing. But sometimes, you find something that is incredibly relevant to you, content that can change your perspective, content that will get your blood pumping. When you do, it’s so satisfying: “YES! This is it!” In the last couple of years, thanks to the internet, […]