Stop Trying to Optimize Your New Developers!

Computer Scientists often use the phrase “premature optimization” to describe effort wasted on making code better or faster when it hasn’t been demonstrated to be a bottleneck in the software’s run time or the development team’s process. Implementing a super-fast-access data structure for a list of just ten things would qualify, as would spending eight […]

Four Tips for Surviving Full-Time Remote Work with a Toddler

When the work-from-home directive came out, my first thought was to set up shop in our guest room. But spending all day, every day locked in a sparsely-decorated room, alone, was too much for someone who thrives in Atomic’s active and social open office environment. If I wanted to see the faces of other living […]

Wizard Consultant Skills – Protection Spells for Saying “No”

Atomic is home to lots of very high-level wizards. Their abilities and specialties span the whole of the software craftsmanship space, and each one has their own skill set to leverage when tackling the many unique problems that come through our door. I’m not a very high-level wizard yet, but I’ve found that deliberately striving […]