How InsurTech Companies Are Using IoT to Help Insurance Customers

When I first heard about insurance companies using internet-of-things (IoT) devices to monitor driving habits, I remember cynically thinking, “They just want to find a reason to justify raising my premiums.” I have seen too many product companies that didn’t stop to ask the question, “Should we?” and instead only asked, “Can we?” This led […]

3 Things Product Owners Should Incorporate from iOS 14

Every year, typically in September, Apple releases a new version of its operating system for iPhones and iPads. While much of 2020 has differed from the norm, this is one routine that remains unchanged. As usual, this year’s update (iOS 14) included a mix of for-everyone features (things unrelated to app updates) and opt-in features […]

How to Host a Zoom Concert with High-Quality Audio

At Atomic, we’ve been staying connected with “Quarantunes” — mini live concerts given by employees and streamed to the entire company over Zoom. These concerts are a fun little pick-me-up during the week that help many of us get through the emotional roller coaster brought about by current events. Zoom is a great platform for […]

The Importance of Bidirectional Trust in the Workplace

Maker, developer, programmer. For the last twelve years, these are words that I would use to describe my primary function at work. That changed recently when I became a manager for the first time. It’s been a fun and challenging transition. In only a few months, I’ve learned a lot and become immensely aware that […]

How to Evaluate an Unfamiliar Codebase in 15 Minutes

When working at a software consultancy, you may be asked to evaluate an unfamiliar codebase. There are a lot of reasons why you may need to make such an evaluation—for example, your company is going to take over development on a legacy codebase, you’re considering undertaking an application rewrite, or maybe you’re thinking of integrating […]

How to Apply Control Engineering Theory to Your Relationships

Managing a long-term client relationship, or any relationship for that matter, takes work. You have two organizations, each with its own business goals, attempting to interact with one another through two or more people. Those people also each have their own personal goals and their own way of interpreting and applying all of these goals […]

How to Ensure a Successful Mobile App Release

Releasing a new version of a mobile app can be a stressful process. The first few times you do it, your customer base is probably pretty small, so it doesn’t feel like a very big deal. However, after your user base grows into the thousands, the pressure really starts to build. The fear of releasing […]