6 Questions that Keep Your Team Engaged During Remote Meetings

As of writing this post, we’re exactly nine months into working remotely due to COVID19. What I miss most is the ease of face-to-face meetings and that immediate feedback, visible and audible, of being at the same table. I miss the ability to read how someone is receiving the information or even how people are […]

3 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Early UX Design Phases

The first step to designing a solution is understanding whom we’re designing for and what problem we’re solving. In a Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach, this means research, personas, and journey maps. We’re gathering knowledge about users’ goals, frustrations, preferences, responsibilities, and expertise. Documentation about users often includes things like their name, age, gender, and marital […]

Six Great Icebreakers for Remote Meetings & Workshops

We’ve all participated in some cringe-worthy icebreakers before. A good meeting/workshop icebreaker should do three things: Bring people together Teach them something new about each other Get their minds in the right headspace for the task ahead Here are a few great non-traditional icebreakers for your next remote meeting or workshop. Superhero Imagine yourself as a […]

Adapting Design Thinking Methods to a Team’s Cultural Dimensions

When you start incorporating design thinking into a business, you usually bring more than practices. Why? The methods of design thinking are rooted in collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and taking measured risks. And at some companies, these attitudes are downplayed, or even outright discouraged. Bringing design thinking into a company like this can be very challenging. […]