Three Great Talks at Next Month’s GLSEC 2016

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This year’s Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (GLSEC) will be held Monday, May 16 at GVSU’s Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids. This year’s theme is The Mobile Movement.

GLSEC 2015 speaker
GLSEC brings in fantastic local, regional, national, and international speakers. Image credit : SoftwareGR

GLSEC will have fifteen talks this year, spread across three rooms. I won’t be able to attend all of them, but there are three I’d be especially bummed to miss.

Asking the Right Questions

Christy Ennis-Kloote, Director of User Experience at Visual Hero

It’s bad for everyone—us, the business, and customers—when we build a product for a need that does not exist. Christy will be sharing three stories about mobile products that served the right need by first asking the right questions.

Internationalizing Mobile Applications

Rolando Lopez, Senior Mobile Application Developer at Milwaukee Electric Tool

Internationalization is a critically important aspect of computing that, sadly, is often an afterthought. Many emerging markets rely more heavily on mobile than we do in the more developed west. Rolando will help us understand what it takes to build a great international-first mobile application.

CAPSUREme: A Disruptive Innovation

Niti Yadav, Project Leader and Senior Software Engineer at X-Rite R&D

X-Rite’s CAPSUREme product “enables you to measure your skin color by simply taking a picture using your smartphone.” Niti will not only be telling us about a super interesting mobile product, but also demonstrating how the product helped X-Rite mitigate against disruption in their market.

To learn about more talks and register for GLSEC 2016, visit the GLSEC website. We have a limited number of seats, so register today.

GLSEC 2016 Theme

GLSEC’s theme this year is The Mobile Movement. With regard to the rise of mobile computing, Ben Thompson said it best :

Mobile is a great market. It is the greatest market the tech industry, or any industry for that matter, has ever seen, and the reason why is best seen by contrasting mobile with the PC: first, while PCs were on every desk and in every home, mobile is in every pocket of a huge percentage of the world’s population. The sheer numbers triple or quadruple the size, and the separation is increasing. Secondly, though, while using a PC required intent, the use of mobile devices occupies all of the available time around intent. It is only when we’re doing something specific that we aren’t using our phones, and the empty spaces of our lives are far greater than anyone imagined.

This year at GLSEC we’ll be exploring both the business and technical aspects of mobile computing.

I look forward to seeing you at GLSEC on May 16!