Hiring Developers in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor & Detroit


Atomic Object is looking to hire two developers — junior or senior — in our Grand Rapids office. We’re also hiring designers and developers in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Here’s where you can apply.

What does Atomic do?

We create custom software products — mobile, web, desktop and embedded — for clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. Our typical projects are large and complex. Our success relies on smart designers and developers who can collaborate closely and work on self-managed teams to produce quality software that our clients love.

Why work at Atomic?

Here are a few more reasons why you should be considering working here:


The range of domains and tech you can work on is wide ranging — from web apps to iOS apps to embedded projects. The range of languages will also stretch you. A recent sample of blog posts covers Reactive Cocoa, Ruby,  Rails, Ember, Angular, Python and F#. Even if your project is not using one of these languages, you will be working with people who are, so you’ll gain exposure to them.

You’ll also find a variety of interests and hobbies here as well, including climbersgardeners, soccer referees, EVE players and Warriors.

Tech Community Engagement

Atomic people are interested in learning, teaching, and talking about the industry they are involved in. You will be encouraged to attend at least once conference a year. So far this year, people have gone to O’Reilly Solid and self.conference. Some Atoms have gone a step further and are busy organizing a Balanced Team conference in Grand Rapids for 2015.

DevOps West Michigan and Software GR are hosted at the Atomic office with Atoms helping to run and organize them. One of our designers hosts Creative Mornings, and I am a regular at  GR Testers.

Free Food

Code by itself is not enough to live on. The AOGR office has a communal snack table. The area around the office has a good choice of restaurants, which is useful as you will be going out on Pair Lunches. Once a month there is a Spin Down party on a Friday with food and drink. And every quarter, there’s a company meeting with a meal at various locations in Grand Rapids

Still not convinced?

Atoms love to talk about working here. You can read some of what they have to say right here on Spin.

If Atomic sounds like the place for you, send us your application today.