Jonah Bailey Steps into Managing Partner Role in Ann Arbor

We’re thrilled to announce that Jonah Bailey is our new Managing Partner in Ann Arbor. He’ll join John Fisher on the office’s management and leadership team. Together, they’ll conduct sales, manage staff and client relationships, and develop new business.

John and Jonah outside the Ann Arbor office.
Left to right: Jonah Bailey and John Fisher—the Ann Arbor office’s Managing Partners

Design: The Tail That Should Wag the Dog

Until now, we’ve filled this role with former software developers. Jonah will be the first former designer to serve as Managing Partner. CEO Carl Erickson says promoting Jonah is a natural result of bringing design into the company eight years ago.

“Design is the tail that should wag the dog in software development,” he said. “Design might not be more than 20 percent of a project’s budget, but determining the right thing to build, then building it right, prevents waste and increases our clients’ success.”

A History of Design Success

Jonah spent the last decade managing complex software and web design projects. These projects span industries and continents. Since joining Atomic in 2015, he’s tackled software projects as Atomic’s design lead for clients like Deluxe Rewards, VCE, and Drug Free Sport.

Jonah says he’s looking forward to furthering Atomic’s brand in Southeast Michigan.

“It’s a daunting challenge to step into a leadership role at an organization filled with smart, passionate people,” he said. “At the same time, I feel incredibly positive about our future in Ann Arbor and in the wider Metro Detroit area.”

Carl says Jonah is the right fit for the challenging job.

“Serving as Managing Partner means being ultimately responsible for the quality of the work we do in the office,” he said. “Jonah’s the sort of person people will feel enthusiastic about working with and will trust.”

Jonah is taking over the Managing Partner role from Darrell Hawley, who served on the first Ann Arbor office management and leadership team after Atomic acquired SRT Solutions in 2013.

Looking Forward

Carl says our 12-person Ann Arbor office is ready to grow.

“Atomic Object is on a great trajectory to becoming an important part of Ann Arbor’s ecosystem,” he said. “We could see being an office of 20 people in a few years’ time.”