Best Practices for Managing AWS Configuration with Multiple Sets of Credentials

There are many reasons why you might have multiple sets of AWS credentials. Perhaps you have a personal account and a work account. Maybe you’re managing AWS accounts for different clients, or you just have several IAM users in a single account. You might be working across different regions as well, which adds more confusion […]

Setting Up React Native Localization for Multi-Language Apps

React Native Localization (RNL) makes localization much easier to implement, significantly shortening development time. This is a step-by-step guide to setting up RNL, plus some tips for implementation with multi-language apps. Setting Up React Native Localization It only takes two commands to get the library installed: yarn add react-native-localization cd ios && pod install Next, […]

AWS Cloudwatch and PagerDuty Integration

I use AWS Cloudwatch and PagerDuty together on a daily basis. Cloudwatch monitors your infrastructure in the AWS cloud environment. PagerDuty is a SaaS tool that specializes in incident response; it’s great for setting up monitoring alerts and notifying the correct person when something goes wrong in your infrastructure. If you’re already using AWS Cloudwatch, […]

Migrating Data Structures in DynamoDB

DynamoDB provides a flexible storage solution for web applications. As an application evolves, the data structures stored in DynamoDB change to fit the needs of the system. Managing these data structure changes can be easy with the right patterns in place. I created a small example of how my team migrates user data in DynamoDB. […]