Byzantine Failure: The Importance of Consensus Protocols in Distributed & Blockchain Networks

A consensus is a general agreement on value. When you have only two parties, it can be pretty straightforward: Bob: What should we eat? Sam: How about pizza? Bob: I had pizza for lunch; how about tacos instead? Sam: Sounds good! Bob and Sam have agreed on a value that was suggested by one of them, and they […]

Networking Opportunities for Atomic Interns & Employees

Recently, I received a very insightful question from an applicant to Atomic Object. They were considering an internship and were wondering if a small company would have as many networking opportunities as a larger enterprise-size company. I think this is a great question, especially for an internship, when the focus should be on building relationships […]

My 4 Favorite Fun, Educational Tech Follows on Twitter

Finding palatable learning material can be difficult. Especially in the tech industry, it might feel like the only decent learning materials are hundred-slide lectures, verbose Wikipedia articles, and Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition. But I’ve recently found an unexpected source for some creative and engaging methods of communicating technical concepts — Twitter. I discovered that […]

Blockchain & Ethereum: Welcome to the Decentralized Internet

From a technical perspective, our society “trusts” big companies with too much of our data. Apps like Facebook and Google serve millions of users a day, all while collecting and storing that data on their servers. We call this process of trusting large corporations centralization, and it’s problematic because it creates single points of failure […]