Debugging Strategies You Can Use on Every Project

I’ve wanted to write a post about debugging for a while, but it’s a topic that can be really difficult to discuss in a general way. Approaches to debugging vary wildly and span multiple technologies and domains (hardware vs. software vs. other). Bugs can also exist on all types of scales—everything from users reporting an […]

Debugging with Ember Inspector – Ember’s Chrome Plugin

When creating a single-page site using a technology like Ember or AngularJS, debugging code can become an issue. Firebug and the Chrome debugger quickly lose their power as you have to dig through Ember models and other representations of your application. Thankfully, from the creators of Ember comes a plugin for Chrome debugging — Ember […]

Tools for Debugging Running Ruby Processes

Let’s assume that we have a daemon running on some kind of POSIX system written in Ruby that works great most of the time, but every few months gets “stuck” and needs to be restarted. We might tolerate this failure rate, or we might set up something like monit to automatically restart the daemon when […]