Atomic Welcomes Two New Designers and a Developer

This summer, three new Atoms have joined our molecules in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. I asked each to tell me a little about themselves and to share their favorite things about Atomic Object so far.

Sarah Brockett

Atomic Profile Photo of Sarah BrockettWhen Sarah joined Atomic’s Grand Rapids office as a designer, she dove head-first into the world of transmissions and service reports as part of a project for Eaton Corporation.

Before graduating from Grand Valley State University with a B.F.A. in graphic design, she started working for marketing agencies, where she learned about product packaging and advertising campaigns. She joined Atomic to fulfill her desire to positively impact lives through software and interaction design. Learn more by reading Sarah’s bio.

“I love Atomic’s collaborative culture. I truly believe that collaboration is 100% necessary to create greatness—whether the end result is better friendships, educational experiences, or software. It’s both relieving and exhilarating to spend my days with people who feel the same.”

Kyle Harris

Atomic Profile Photo of Kyle Harris Kyle is a new designer in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office, where he’s been working on a project for Flow-Rite and tackling some internal design work.

While studying graphic design at Ferris State University, he learned that craft and purpose are foundational to every project. He applies these standards to his work in software and web application design. Prior to joining Atomic, he worked as a marketing consultant for eight years, providing web design and digital art direction in West Michigan. Learn more by reading Kyle’s bio.

“The thing that has surprised me the most is how ego-free of an environment Atomic has created. Often, when you get so many highly skilled and passionate people working side-by-side, there are going to be conflicts. But here, everyone understands the importance of the greater whole, and they bring that attitude every day.”

Tyler Hoffman

Atomic Profile Photo of Tyler HoffmanTyler joined Atomic’s Ann Arbor office as a developer and has been working on a project for Koester Performance Research.

After graduating with a B.A. in sociology from the University of Michigan, Tyler discovered his love of software development. He earned an M.S in computer science from Eastern Michigan University, where he also served as a graduate assistant and completed two software development internships at GE Capital.

“Since joining Atomic Object, I’ve been amazed at how supportive the atmosphere is. I am constantly being challenged to grow as a developer, and at every step, my team has been there to lend guidance.”

More Developers Wanted in Ann Arbor!

Atomic is still hiring developers in our Ann Arbor office. Visit our careers page to learn more.