Who Pays for Bugs?

It’s inevitable that bugs will be created during custom software development projects. And it’s not unusual for clients to have the mindset that the development team should “pay” for the bugs. But punishing the team for bugs is penny wise and pound foolish. As a client, you should have the responsibility to pay for bugs, […]

Project Leads vs. Project Managers

Atomic Object has no dedicated, specialized project managers. Instead, we have project leads who play multiple roles of implementor, team lead, and project manager. Benefits of the Project Lead Model As a designer or developer, the project lead is intimately familiar with the product’s user needs and related features. They know the team’s implementation plan […]

When Not to Build Custom Software

Sometimes you shouldn’t spend resources on a custom software application. And sometimes, you should realize that you aren’t ready to create a software product. Atomic Object gets hundreds of inquiries every year from people interested in engaging us to build a custom software application or product. Our ultimate goal is help our clients succeed in […]

The Regional Economic Impact of Technology Jobs

This year, Atomic is proud join the group of investors that help fuel The Right Place, a regional non-profit economic development organization that has been serving West Michigan since 1985. I’m very excited that The Right Place has recognized the technology sector an important part of West Michigan’s economic future by including Technology and Communications […]

Facilitating Visual Design Direction with Style Tiles

Driving decisions about aesthetics and visual design direction with project stakeholders is a delicate process that can be fraught with frustration on all sides. You can increase the likelihood of success and happiness by using targeted artifacts in your decision-making process, but the real secret for success lies in good communication and guidance. Style Tiles […]