Atomic Games 2015 – Othello Challenge!

On October 24, we held our first Atomic Games — a one-day programming competition for college students. Many of Atomic’s employees are graduates of regional colleges and universities, and we believed the Atomic Games would be valuable for students by: Bringing students together from multiple schools and introducing them to the technology community. Having students […]

A Better Approach to Collaborative Problem Solving

It can be difficult to build team consensus on the best way to solve a technical problem. I believe the difficulty often stems from how each of us strives to present our own solutions without really listening to others in a spirit of true team support. To improve the way we collaborate and overcome team dysfunction, I’m proposing a new working agenda.

Who Pays for Bugs?

It’s inevitable that bugs will be created during custom software development projects. And it’s not unusual for clients to have the mindset that the development team should “pay” for the bugs. But punishing the team for bugs is penny wise and pound foolish. As a client, you should have the responsibility to pay for bugs, […]

Project Leads vs. Project Managers

Atomic Object has no dedicated, specialized project managers. Instead, we have project leads who play multiple roles of implementor, team lead, and project manager. Benefits of the Project Lead Model As a designer or developer, the project lead is intimately familiar with the product’s user needs and related features. They know the team’s implementation plan […]