Here Are the Best New Features in Angular 16

I’ve used Angular, a development platform built on TypeScript, on many projects. Now, Angular 16 is here! Check out some of these great new features.

@Input() to read route data

The Angular team has finally added the ability to bind route parameters to a component’s inputs. You can bind resolver and data properties and path and query parameters.

Required @Input()

In Angular 16, you can now mark inputs as required. Required inputs allow you to get a compile-time error when the required component input is not specified.

Now, if we don’t include the input when adding the component, we will see an error.

Self-closing Tags

This one is small but a long-awaited feature. The Angular blog notes it was among the most requested changes in version 16. Angular component element tags can now be self-closing. 

Better Jest Support

Jest is among the most favored frontend testing frameworks in the JavaScript community, and setting up Jest in an Angular project has been more complex in the past. The Angular devs have listened. Although it is only in beta for version 16, they have released better tooling for Jest support. The Angular team also announced they are moving toward Jest and Web Test Runner support with the Angular CLI. I’m excited to see full Jest support from Angular in the future.

Bonus: New

It’s not part of the Angular 16 release, but exciting nonetheless, the new site! The site includes new embedded tutorials, updated documentation, and a new Angular playground great for testing all the new features.


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