Testing Data Migrations in Rails

When working on a Rails project, you will inevitably need to move data around in your database. Some join table value will need to be moved into its own table or what have you. When approaching these kinds of migrations, there are two major complications: future-proofing and testing. In this post, let’s walk through an […]

Diving into Existing Rails Apps

For me, one of the most frustrating parts of being a software developer is trying to wade into an existing project that’s unfamiliar to me. It’s particularly hard with an unknown language, platform, or toolset, but even if you know the language and platform, a new app can still present a challenge. When working with Rails […]

Custom Validations in Rails

Ruby on Rails comes bundled with several validators for its models. They’re used for ensuring that the data structure of the application matches the business logic of the application. There are several built-in validators that can be used to make sure that certain properties about the model are true before they are saved—and it’s easy […]

Battling Rails Translations with AnnoTranslate

Localization is a complex matter in software development, and it is usually put off as a clean-up task at the end of a project. Content translation is usually contracted out and performed by non-developers, so there’s also a technical gap to overcome. After battling Qt translations for months on a previous project, I created the AnnoTranslate Rails […]