UX Lessons from Ford’s MyFord Touch Fiasco

Earlier this summer, it was announced that in response to customer feedback, Ford is bringing back buttons to its MyTouch in-car infotainment system. My response: Well, Duh. I’ve written previously about about my appreciation for Ford’s UI design, featuring my ’01 F150 pickup. Since then, I have traded in my old truck for its younger, […]

UX Fail – Are Safety-Minded UIs Making Cars Less Safe?

Car rental companies provide a convenient way for drivers to experience new vehicles, including the plethora of fancy features that modern-day technology provides. I recently got to experience the new 2013 Toyota Sienna LE Minivan for a whole week with my wife and 2 kids. (Although, this vehicle has nothing “mini” about it; it has […]

Designing Complex Applications: Before Asking “Is it useable?”, Ask “Is it useful?”

Marissa and I at the Denver Airport on our way to Usability Week 2011. A couple of weeks back, Marissa and I went to NNG Usability Week 2011 in San Francisco. During the conference, I attended the 3-day training course on Designing Complex Applications and Websites. The session was co-led by Lynn Pausic and John […]

Fitts’s Law and Why it Matters for Tablets

I’ve recently started working in iOS again. Making wireframes and context scenarios for an iPad app had me thinking about the opportunities and challenges in tablet interface design, and how they compare to traditional interfaces. I was asking, “what principles still apply?” There’s some great stuff in the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. One Apple recommendation […]