Six Great Icebreakers for Remote Meetings & Workshops

We’ve all participated in some cringe-worthy icebreakers before. A good meeting/workshop icebreaker should do three things: Bring people together Teach them something new about each other Get their minds in the right headspace for the task ahead Here are a few great non-traditional icebreakers for your next remote meeting or workshop. Superhero Imagine yourself as a […]

Smoothing the Design Handoff with a Component Library

If your team is like many of the teams we work with, you’ve implemented a component library, but you’re finding that things aren’t working as smoothly expected. Component libraries alone can do the job for a small, highly-skilled implementation team. But communication seems to break down when you add in less-than-top-rated developers or designers or those […]

Adapting Design Thinking Methods to a Team’s Cultural Dimensions

When you start incorporating design thinking into a business, you usually bring more than practices. Why? The methods of design thinking are rooted in collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and taking measured risks. And at some companies, these attitudes are downplayed, or even outright discouraged. Bringing design thinking into a company like this can be very challenging. […]

Design Thinking Toolkit, Activity 18 – What’s On Your Radar?

Looking for a great icebreaker or a quick way to gather folk’s thoughts or overall impressions? Wondering what a stakeholder’s highest priority is? Look no further than What’s On Your Radar? This is part of our series on Design Thinking Methods and Activities. You’ll find a full list of posts in this series at the […]

UX Wins & Sins: HidrateSpark 3

Welcome to UX Wins & Sins, the blog series that reviews popular products and digital experiences to glean design lessons from what’s working (the wins!) and what’s not (the sins). Splish, Splash!💧We’re taking a hydrating bath with the HidrateSpark 3, an intake-monitoring, Las Vegas light show of a water bottle. Photo credit to HidrateSpark. Design […]