Let These Design Accounts Inspire You to Up Your Game

In a digital world filled with selfies and memes, design accounts often slip under the radar. It’s simple to miss these hidden gems that can provide a burst of creativity or offer valuable guidance when you find yourself stuck in a design rut. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of accounts ready to serve as delightful resources to elevate your design game. Here are a few accounts I often leverage for helpful reminders and inspiration.




Account: @ui_ux_idea
Platform: Instagram
Great for: Inspiration | Mood Boards | Components & Layouts

Ui_ux_idea keeps it simple. When you need a stream of stunning designs and layouts to spark inspiration for your next project, Ui_ux_idea is your one-stop shop. With a mix of both mobile and desktop designs, it’s the perfect place to envision the groundwork for your design or give it that extra boost it may need.





Account: @pixelacademy
Platform: Instagram
Great for: UX/UI Standards | Free Design Tools | Design Tips

If you’re seeking valuable reminders on design best practices or insightful recommendations for visual styling, pixelacademy proves to be an excellent resource. Their content, such as “5 Important Laws of UX Design” and “The Rule Of Balance In Design,” offers crucial insights that every designer immersed in their project should consider. Pixelacademy also delivers content that can enhance any visual designer’s toolkit. Examples like “Colors To Use Instead Of Pure White,” “Design Better Gradients With These Awesome Tips,” and “Why You Should Stop Using Black In UI Design” present fresh perspectives that can invigorate your visual designs.





Account: @creativewebelements
Platform: Instagram
Great for: Design Tips | Industry Insights | Design How To’s

Creativewebelements serves as an excellent resource for valuable insights on thriving in the design profession. Their content caters to both novice and experienced designers, offering guidance on entering the design space and refining established processes. Noteworthy content includes “How To Get Your First Client as a UX/UI Designer,” “Stand Out In The AI Era,” and “Helpful Soft Skills for UX/UI Designers.” Additionally, the platform provides content aimed at enhancing the skills in your design toolkit. Pieces like “Conversation Tips For User Interviews” offer subtle yet impactful reminders suitable for both your initial research session and your hundredth.




Account: @ui_gradient
Platform: Instagram
Great for: UI Inspiration | Visual Eye Candy | Design How To’s

When faced with a creative block, ui_gradient is your go-to for breaking through that barrier. Whether you’re working on striking product landing pages or crafting elegantly simple components, ui_gradient offers content that caters to diverse design needs. It comes in handy when you’re moving from wireframes to visual design, helping you craft the perfect look and feel.

What sets this account apart is its collection of step-by-step tutorials. This will allow you to replicate specific components and animations. I found it a key resource in my design toolkit.

While these accounts may not be perfect and not all offer groundbreaking insights, they do play a crucial role by providing reminders on best practices. And, they serve as a reliable source for inspiration and overcoming creative blocks.


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