A Simplified Checklist for Technical Backlog Refinement

On an agile development team, multiple people share the responsibility of ensuring that the user stories in the backlog are desirable, viable, and feasible. At Atomic, our delivery leads, tech leads, and designers work together to prepare stories for the development team to work on. While our delivery leads are responsible for defining the stories […]

5 Emojis that Help My Team Communicate More Efficiently 📝

In a remote work world, we’re all learning new things. From managing distractions at home to switching our brains away from work in the evening, working from home brings different challenges. As I’ve adapted to working remotely with a team, I’ve been surprised to realize that emojis are an effective communication tool. Here are my […]

Microaggressions: How to Fight Them in Your Workplace

This post is part four of a four-part collaboration between authors Marjie and Bella. In our previous posts, we reviewed microaggressions in the workplace and why it’s difficult for the recipients of microaggressions to fight them on their own. We also explored how to identify when you are the perpetrator of microaggressions. In this post, […]

Handling Audio Sessions with Bluetooth in Swift for iOS

When creating an iOS app that deals with audio, it’s important to configure and handle audio sessions properly. Along with setting up an audio session, there are some extra steps required to properly support Bluetooth audio. 1. Configuring Audio Sessions By default, audio sessions support audio playback but not audio recording. If your app supports […]

3 Things I Wish Developers Understood About Communicating with Clients

Before joining Atomic Object as a Delivery Lead, I spent over a decade in software product management. I worked for a small non-profit that relied heavily on contracts with outside consultants for software design and engineering services. One of my primary responsibilities was to manage these partners through the discovery, design, and implementation phases. I […]

Using Mind Maps for Technical Planning and Writing

One of the tools that I’ve added to my development and writing workflows since starting at Atomic is mind mapping software. I’ve found that creating a mind map is a great starting point for both technical development and writing things like blog posts. There are lots of different mind mapping apps, spanning all different computing […]

Byzantine Failure: The Importance of Consensus Protocols in Distributed & Blockchain Networks

A consensus is a general agreement on value. When you have only two parties, it can be pretty straightforward: Bob: What should we eat? Sam: How about pizza? Bob: I had pizza for lunch; how about tacos instead? Sam: Sounds good! Bob and Sam have agreed on a value that was suggested by one of them, and they […]