Getting More Space in Your VMware Fusion Windows Virtual Machine

If you’ve used VMware Fusion to run Windows on your Mac for any length of time, this is probably a familiar sight: Fusion only gives your Windows virtual machine 60 gigabytes of space, which may seem like plenty at first—but it rapidly fills up. Thankfully, there’s a relatively easy way to expand your space, as […]

Getting into Open-Source Projects: Three Ways to Contribute

If you’re a developer, you’re probably aware of the benefits of open-source technology (software that’s licensed, publicly posted, and free for developers to use and contribute to). One of the big ideas in the open-source community is that it’s good for all developers to give back. In return for using software that others spent time […]

Considering a Non-Technical Role? Think about these 6 Things

Almost three years ago, after spending 13 years as a software developer, I took on the role of Delivery Lead here at Atomic. It was a step away from code and toward all things related to project delivery: project management, backlog management, reviewing completed work, managing the team’s Scrum process, etc. It was a move I […]

The Two Most Important Software Development Skills Aren’t Technical

Software development is a profession that requires a unique skill set. However, over the course of my career, I’ve come to appreciate two important characteristics of good developers that aren’t unique to software at all. I’ve found these traits extremely helpful in my work, and both of them involve habits that I’ve had to make […]

Atomic 101: Our Sales Process – Setting Each Project Up for Success

If you talk to Atomic Object about a project, you’ll notice that our sales process looks a little different from the norm. At a lot of custom software companies, the process looks something like this: You tell a salesperson what you want, then listen to them talk about their company. The salesperson talks to their […]