Informing Design with Context Scenarios

The planning phase of any project is crucial, and there are many deliverables that can help document it, including a project roadmap, a product backbone, and user research insights. The challenge comes when trying to turn these deliverables into a wireframe or design. For a recent project, I took to writing context scenarios to bridge […]

Brittany Hunter Joins Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 2019 “40 Under 40” Class

This fall, the Grand Rapids Business Journal inducted Brittany Hunter, one of Atomic’s Grand Rapids managing partners, into their 2019 “40 Under 40” class. Every year, the Business Journal honors 40 of the region’s top young professionals for their business success, leadership, and community service.  Making Work Work (And Crushing it!) A Grand Valley State […]

Five Ways to Engage in Productive Code Reviews

Code reviews are a common practice at many software companies. Being a good recipient of a code review is just as important as producing quality reviews for others. The key to handling both of these situations well is to approach them as learning opportunities. A good code review should maintain code health, encourage healthy team […]

Asking for Things in SQL: Postgres Conditional Expressions and Window Functions

Recently, I worked on a project with a lot of complex data relationships. To abstract away some of this complexity, my team defined database views that summarized the information that matters to us. When building up those views in PostgreSQL, I found a couple of patterns particularly useful. I used conditional expressions (CASE and COALESCE) […]

Recognizing Great Work at Atomic— Small Moments with Big Impact

Employee recognition is very important. Gallup says, “Workplace recognition motivates, provides a sense of accomplishment, and makes employees feel valued for their work. Recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement, but it also has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.” I think this is especially true at […]

Four Ways to Develop Your Soft Skills Through Meetings

Meetings provide an opportunity to flex your communication skills. But when you actively engage in the meeting process, you also open yourself up to develop your soft skills. There are a host of soft skills that can be leveraged in the workplace—like adaptability, creativity, positivity, and teamwork. Here are four ways that I’ve developed my […]