Writing Agile Stories, Part 4 – Decision-Making Guidelines

Deciding what (and how much) behavior you want is the hardest part of the entire story creation process. The reason for this is straightforward—if it were an obvious decision, you wouldn’t even have to consciously think about it. Your brain would make the decision for you unconsciously, and the story definition would simply flow out […]

Taming Your Java Environment

You may not be concerned with what version of Java or Node you are using to run your JavaScript on a regular basis. However, setting up a CI build that can run successfully and repeatedly over the years is a pretty crucial endeavor. Here are a few pointers to set up Java and Node properly […]

Creating a Developer Escape Room, Part 2 – Puzzles & Setup

Yesterday, I outlined some concepts and criteria for the creation of a successful escape room. I also illustrated parallels between escape rooms (as a fun pastime activity) and creating custom software. Hopefully, you’re now ready to consider running your own escape room, and I’m back to provide a clear template for doing just that.

“Well, I’m not a designer…” – Five Ideas for Devs Making Design Decisions

Most software projects have an established visual design: colors, layout, typography, etc. It’s typically one of the first things to be set up. But the product is going to change and evolve. Maybe a new button needs to be added. Or a link, or a metric, or some other widget. While a designer often leads […]

Is Software the Best Solution? These 5 Questions Will Help You Decide

These days, most companies are expected to have some sort of digital or connected solution. Even industries that have been paper-based or seem removed from connected solutions are feeling pressure. Their executives may think they need a solution, but what should it be? And how do you determine if software is the right solution?

Loading States in React Components Using TypeScript’s Discriminated Unions

Many web applications need to load data from servers that will be shown to users. It’s important for the UI to handle loading states while the requests are in-flight. Let’s say, for example, that we have a page that will load a user’s profile. We want to be able to show a loading message, then […]

Writing Agile Stories, Part 3 – Setting Good Story Goals

Creating a good user story in the backlog is challenging. As I described last week, the first step is writing stories that are small, meaningful, and focused on inputs/outputs. But that’s not enough. Even if you have experience writing Agile stories, have you been clearly articulating the goal of the story? Do you provide the […]