4 Simple Questions to Get Your Team Started on the Right Foot

Starting a project with a new team and a new client can be challenging. Everyone is dedicated to understanding the problem space and the project needs. At the same time, we’re learning how to work with each other, sometimes for the first time. We’ve found 4 questions that bring the team together in alignment and […]

Control Repository Size with SVN Sparse Checkout

Atomic Object was founded by a computer science professor, and during the company’s earlier stages, it only employed developers. That legacy is still felt today in the tooling we use to run the business. Case in point: We use a code repository tool—Subversion (SVN)—to securely store, manage revisions, and control access to some business documents. […]

Creating Material Design Chips in an Android App

Material Design was introduced by Google in 2014 as a visual language to create a universal design and style guide for applications. Along with Material Design, new widgets and controls were added to match the new styling. One of these elements is the chip. Chips function like buttons that can either be checked or toggled. […]

Strategies for Data Synchronization on Rewrite Projects: Part 1 – One-Way Integration

The Agile principle of delivering value early and often is critical when replacing large, existing software systems. To achieve that goal, we want to be able to use both systems in parallel, or at least parts of the systems. And to achieve that goal in a rewrite situation we often need to share data between […]