Don’t Forget: Design Is Also Agile

Agile methodology, in its truest form, is not a series of processes, sprint cadences, and ceremonies. It’s the ability to quickly adapt or pivot when faced with unforeseen challenges or new information. It often comes into play while reprioritizing a backlog of work or deciding on a quicker/cheaper way to implement a feature during development. […]

How to Apply Control Engineering Theory to Your Relationships

Managing a long-term client relationship, or any relationship for that matter, takes work. You have two organizations, each with its own business goals, attempting to interact with one another through two or more people. Those people also each have their own personal goals and their own way of interpreting and applying all of these goals […]

Help Me, Help Me: My Experiment Taking Self-Help Seriously

Here’s the thing about self-help books: They contain wisdom, but something about them makes my eyes roll. As I read, I often agree with their thesis, but my inner soundtrack of “yes, but”s disputes the advice. I am so adept at contradicting the advice of self-help books that I’ve become immune to their teachings. Then […]

Managing Your Career in Tech – Part 2: Leverage OKRs for Personal Growth

Yesterday, I outlined some ways to take ownership of finding meaning at work. But taking ownership of your own career and aligning your personal sense of purpose with your purpose at work isn’t enough to find success. You also need to execute consistently in areas that make this alignment real. To do this, you need […]

Use Container Views and ReSwift (Redux) to Reduce ViewController Complexity

Perhaps you have heard of the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern in iOS, also known as “Mostly View Controller.” It got this name because, without much effort, your UIViewController code can get very large. In this blog post, I will show you how using container views and ReSwift (a Redux implementation in Swift) can be […]

Self-Hosting Your Own Cloud – Part 4: Movies and Music Using Emby

Services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services are convenient, and I still use some of them. However, the content they offer changes frequently, with some things becoming unavailable due to changes in licensing, or varying depending on which country you are in. When you buy your content free of digital rights management (DRM), […]