Writing Agile Stories, Part 3 – Setting Good Story Goals

Creating a good user story in the backlog is challenging. As I described last week, the first step is writing stories that are small, meaningful, and focused on inputs/outputs. But that’s not enough. Even if you have experience writing Agile stories, have you been clearly articulating the goal of the story? Do you provide the […]

Making Atomic Proud

This June, I was happy to take part in Atomic Object’s new initiative, supporting Pride Month. While Atomic prides itself (no pun intended) on its diversity within the company, this year, leadership chose to provide LGTBQIA+ and ally Atoms with additional opportunities to celebrate the diversity within our company and out in our communities.

Atomic’s Grand Rapids Office Is Hiring Our Fifth Accelerator Cohort

This fall, Atomic’s Grand Rapids office will be recruiting our fifth Accelerator cohort. Our Accelerator program is a unique leadership development program designed for folks beginning their careers in software development. It’s a full-time job, complemented with extra resources and mentorship to help folks get off to a great start. If you know someone who’d […]

Output Buffering in PHP

PHP makes it very easy to include everything from interpreting form submissions to calls to the database to rendering HTML in one file. As a project grows, this can make code difficult to test and update. In this post, I’ll discuss an approach to separating application logic from template files using output buffering, and how […]