Not All Software Design Is Shiny. Here’s How to Cope with That.

Being a software designer has many perks. I get to work with cool new technology each day. I get to build tools that make people’s lives better. The compensation and benefits certainly are not bad either—it’s nice to not worry about how I’ll pay the bills, and you’ll never hear me complain about dogs being […]

Comparing PostgreSQL Clients – SQLPro vs. Postico vs. TablePlus

When development relies on database interaction, few things are more frustrating than a database client that gets in the way. On my current project, we’re constantly investigating data, switching from table to table, and writing queries with our PostgreSQL database. After experimenting with a few database clients (SQLPro, Postico, and TablePlus), we quickly noticed that […]

Three Guidelines for Using the Functional Module Pattern for TypeScript

TypeScript is a wonderful language for designing data-driven applications. The type system is suited to describe the many different shapes and transformations of data as it travels from one end of a system to another. As my team has gained more experience with TypeScript, we’ve developed some guidelines for creating typed modules that help the […]