Getting, Setting, and Understanding Web Cookies using Express and WebdriverIO

Cookies, both the tasty kind and the web browsing kind, aren’t new to me. I’ve clicked my fair share of “this site uses cookies” pop-ups, but until recently, I hadn’t encountered cookies in my work as a programmer. Being newly tasked with the configuration and testing of cookies, I realized that, although cookies are ubiquitous […]

Reactive Programming: A Timed Popup Component with RxJS

Reactive programming is all about streams. It involves combining streams, filtering streams, and transforming streams. In reactive programming, the application does not need to pull for data, but it is notified whenever a new event occurs. A few months ago, I wrote a post on reactive programming in WPF using ReactiveUI. Recently, we’ve been working on […]

Creating Azure WebJobs in F#

My colleague Brian recently wrote about Azure Functions in F#. Azure Functions are great, and I definitely recommend them if they fit your use case. These functions are built on top of an older background processing system called WebJobs. While Functions have largely eclipsed WebJobs, there remain certain [situations][webjobs-vs-functions] where the latter is still a […]