The Delivery Lead: A New Type of Maker

Atomic is adding a new type of maker called the Delivery Lead to our lineup. Recently, we’ve recognized ways to enhance the experience of our clients and teams and build better software in the process. The Delivery Lead position is the result of more than a year’s worth of experimentation in this area. As one of the first to hold that position at Atomic Object, I’d like to introduce the Delivery Lead role and share the context for how we got here.
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Atomic Awarded for Outstanding Workplace Culture

Atomic Object’s offices in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor were each honored with a When Work Works Award last month.

When Work Works is a national initiative that researches effective and flexible workplaces and how they can yield positive business results and help employees succeed. According to When Work Works, effectiveness and flexibility occur when a workplace’s design, practices, and policies benefit both the organization and its employees.

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Three Great Talks at Next Month’s GLSEC 2016

This year’s Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (GLSEC) will be held Monday, May 16 at GVSU’s Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids. This year’s theme is The Mobile Movement.

GLSEC brings in fantastic local, regional, national, and international speakers. Image credit : SoftwareGR

GLSEC will have fifteen talks this year, spread across three rooms. I won’t be able to attend all of them, but there are three I’d be especially bummed to miss. Read more on Three Great Talks at Next Month’s GLSEC 2016…

GVSU WIC Workshop – Write Your Own Language!

We were thrilled to welcome Grand Valley State University’s Women in Computing Club to Atomic on February 27th for a one-day programming workshop.

We decided to work through writing a simple language and provided participants with an introduction to the challenge, a set of unit tests to guide them through the implementation, and coaches to jump in with suggestions as needed. Oh, and plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone happy and energized through the day. Read more on GVSU WIC Workshop – Write Your Own Language!…

Our Visit from Hillary Clinton

Yesterday at about noon, our Grand Rapids office hosted a visit and Q&A with presidential candidate (and former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady) Hillary Clinton.

We have a broad spectrum of political affiliations at Atomic, so this may seem like a strange choice. But hosting this visit was not meant as an endorsement or other show of support. Atomic Object does not have a political opinion, nor do we (as a company) donate to political candidates.

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