We’re Hiring this Summer

The Molecule needs a couple more good Atoms. We’re looking for a solid generalist developer and an experienced embedded developer.

Atomic Object people are more than technical wizards; they’re also proficient in writing, managing changing requirements, working directly with clients, and satisfying customers. They care about good code, create tools to make tasks easier, are skilled at problem solving, think testing is essential and not optional, and know how to learn the things they don’t know.

If you’re comfortable with anything from web to desktop to systems programming, have a good working knowledge of databases, already know several languages and enjoy learning new ones, and are handy with more than one operating system, then you might just be the kind of proficient generalist we’re looking for.

If you can use an oscilloscope to analyze a protocol problem, have written driver code for flash memory devices, are interested in applying Test-Driven Development to firmware development, and aren’t afraid of development work on both ends of the wire (i.e. embedded and high-level software), then you might just be the type of embedded developer we’d like to meet.

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